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NXTstep cnc will be taking part in SHA 2017  with an Indexing workshop to demonstrate how to get more work area from a compact CNC.

SHA 2017 will provides an opportunity to take a closer look at the latest NXTstep cnc design. Production is getting closer!

A new development of the Minimillcnc project, Nextstep cnc is a 3 axis CNC platform, designed to be compact for home use. From it’s small footprint it can machine A4 sized materials. Suitable for Arts, Crafts and Engineering projects alike.



Designed to make CNC technology accessible NXTstep cnc is introduced as a Mechanical kit and fixings. Depending on level of experience and materials to hand, getting up and running needn’t cost any more than the kit. Alternatively additional components can be sourced from Ebay at a reasonable price.

It would be possible to find the stepper motors from old printers and other electronic components from past projects. Buying everything from scratch, the NXTstep cnc kits and new components from Ebay is likely to cost about £250 – £300 in total, depending on chosen specification.

Developed as a member of Bristol Hackspace the advice received has always been that you need a solid, stable well constructed machine. NXTstep aims to provide a solid framework to build on.